Whitelisting Guide

Guide to whitelisting CARO-relevant URLs and email #

Why would I need to whitelist? #

CARO is a web-based app. If CARO does not work, for example you cannot access the onboarding page, then it may be that your IT system does not permit access to certain URLs that CARO requires. These URLs need to be whitelisted (allowed) by your IT system for CARO to be fully functional.

In addition, your email provider may block CARO’s service emails. This would result in you not receiving app notifications or invites to get started with CARO or join other accounts.

CARO not working properly? #

Please troubleshoot the issue as follows with your own IT team:

  1. Is there a proxy server configured on your computer?
  2. If there is a proxy server configured, please verify the following domains are allowed:

Spherity-managed #

Domain (URL)What is it?You should see…
spherity.comGeneral Spherity domainSpherity’s corporate website
caro.vcGeneral CARO domainour dedicated CARO website
app.caro.vcSubdomain for CARO frontendyour dashboard if already logged in
caro-prod.us.auth0.comAuthentication service for CARO-related appsthe CARO app log-in (automatic re-direct from frontend)
api.caro.vcSubdomain for CARO backendn/a
https://*.ingest.sentry.io (whitelist all subdomains)End user tracking tool for troubleshootingn/a

Legisym-managed (integrated credential issuer) #

The following sites are owned by Legisym, LLC and are used during the credentialing process with Spherity Inc. The sites allow the user to provide data to Legisym for due diligence. Legisym reviews the data to determine if credentials can be issued.

Domain (URL)What is it?You should see…
test.credentialsolutions.comCredential onboarding page for testinga log-in screen if accessed from outside of CARO or a data entry form if accessed from inside of CARO
credentialsolutions.comCredential onboarding pagea log-in screen if accessed from outside of CARO or a data entry form if accessed from inside of CARO
  1. To check that all required domains have been whitelisted, please try to open them.
  2. If any domain is still blocked, please follow your internal process to unblock it.

CARO emails not arriving in your inbox? #

First of all, please check your spam folder.

If there are no CARO emails to be found anywhere in your mailbox, add no-reply@caro.vc to your trusted email address list. Ask your IT team if needed.

CARO Email

Support & Feedback #

If you have already been invited to a dedicated Spherity Slack support channel, seeking assistance or offering feedback there will be the most straight-forward way for you to reach the CARO team.

Otherwise please contact atp@spherity.com for product-related questions or feedback or support@caro.vc for technical queries.

Support hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST).