Get Revocation Status

Get Revocation Status of a Credential #

The get revocation status endpoint returns the revocation status for a provided credentialId referencing a previously issued credential with the EthrRevocationRegistry revocation method.

The revocation status can be either true or false which also allows issuers to unrevoke previously revoked credentials.

Request #

Method #

credentialId Usage

Please use the id inside of the credential (e.g.: urn:uuid:a3a15c09-71de-40c8-a8c3-4c0435ffe3cb).

Request methodEndpoint

Headers #

Please see Using a Token for a detailed description of how to authenticate yourself with our API.
AuthorizationBearer [token]

Response #

revokedRevocation status of the credential for the requested credentialIdboolean

Examples #

Example response body
    "revoked" : false