Change Revocation Statuses

Change Revocation Status of Multiple Credentials #

The change statuses endpoint changes the revocation status for an array of provided credentialIds referencing previously issued credentials with the EthrRevocationRegistry revocation method.

The revocation status can be either true or false which also allows issuers to unrevoke previously revoked credentials.

Request #

Method #

Request methodEndpoint

Headers #

Please see Using a Token for a detailed description of how to authenticate yourself with our API.
AuthorizationBearer [token]

Body #

Revoking Different Statuses
You can revoke and unrevoke credentials in the same request. See example request body.
revocationKeyInstructionsArray of revocation key instructionsRevocationKeyInstruction[]

RevocationKeyInstruction #

credentialId usage

Please use the id inside of the credential (e.g.: urn:uuid:a3a15c09-71de-40c8-a8c3-4c0435ffe3cb).

credentialIdid of the credential to be revokedstring (uuid)
revokedNew revocation status for credentialId. Hint: Already revoked credentials can be unrevoked.boolean

Response #

revokedRevocation status of the credential for the requested credentialIdboolean

Examples #

Example request body
  "revocationKeyInstructions": [
      "credentialId": "urn:uuid:fc7ebaee-4bde-4e6c-852a-d69cf38765cc",
      "revoked": true
      "credentialId": "urn:uuid:4c94b4eb-fa2c-4251-8644-f72f84214005",
      "revoked": false
      "credentialId": "urn:uuid:24850516-5214-4fac-a003-89c2fd114e89",
      "revoked": true