Get Onboarding Details

Get Onboarding Details #

The get onboarding details endpoint may be used to retrieve details for a specific onboarding uuid. This uuid may be shared with you beforehand to be used in this call.

Request #

Method #

Request methodEndpointPath Variable
GET/api/v1/onboardings/:idid | uuid of the onboarding

Headers #

Please see Using a Token for a detailed description of how to authenticate yourself with our API.
AuthorizationBearer [token]

Response #

Body #

idUnique uuid of the onboardingstring
createdAtDate at which the ressource has been createdstring
updatedAtDate at which the ressource has been last modifiedstring
identifierIdentifier object containing the DID used for the onboardingjson
identifierIdUnique id of the identifier objectstring
credentialTypeType of requested credentialenum(string) | IdentityCredential OR DSCSAATPCredential
returnUrlURL which to return the user tostring
userIdUnique id of the user who initiated the onboardingstring
eventsArray of event objects which are sorted descending by creation date - Each event represents one state change in the onboardingjson

Identifier Object #

didDID used for the onboardingstring

Event Object #

idInternal id of the eventstring
createdAtDate at which the ressource has been createdstring
statusStatus name of the eventstring

Examples #

Example response body