Issue Credential

Issue Credential #

Issue an ATP Credential #

The Create Credential API creates a verifiable credential in response to an onboarding request launched by a trading partner user. The API can be used by the Credential Issuer to provide CARO with the created credentials.

Request #

Method #

Request methodEndpoint

Headers #

Please see Using a Token for a detailed description of how to authenticate yourself with our API.

Body #

Issuer Identifier
The Issuer DID is assigned to your Service Provider Account when you get access to CARO. You do not need to specify your DID in any interactions with CARO.
credentialIdID of the issued credentialstring
credentialTypeType of the issued credentialenum(string) | IdentityCredential OR DSCSAATPCredential
credentialStatusIdCredentialStatus URL in LDAP formatstring
recipientDidThe DID that will receive and hold the credentialstring
dataThe json of Credential Datajson
expirationDateCustom expiration date (default: 1 year)string (ISO 8601 format)
issuanceDateCustom issuance date (default: current date)string (ISO 8601 format)
Issuance Date
Issuance Date parameter will only be used to issue credentials that will become valid in the future. You do not need to use this parameter if you are issuing a credential that needs to valid from the present time onwards.

Credential Data #

issuerNameThe name of the credential issuerstring
legalNameThe legal name of the organizationstring
streetAddressThe street address of the organizationstring
addressLocalityThe address locality of the organizationstring
addressRegionThe address region of the organizationstring
postalCodeThe postal code of the organizationstring
addressCountryThe address country of the organizationstring
parentOrganizationThe name of the parent organizationstring🟡 | If type is IdentityCredential
organizationTypeThe type of organizationstring🟡 | If type is DSCSAATPCredential
identifierThe identifier DID that the credential is issued tostring🟡 | If type is DSCSAATPCredential

Examples #

Example request body
    "credentialId" : "urn:uuid:31ec4c88-56f4-420d-a525-aba23a59af5d",
    "credentialType": "DSCSAATPCredential",
    "credentialStatusId": "ldap://",
    "expirationDate": "2025-06-01T09:17:17.038Z",
    "issuanceDate": "2022-06-01T09:17:17.038Z",
    "recipientDid": "did:ethr:ropsten:0x022e41cff8e1d8c34f82397312490f96379cac8027696d8774f3eef72551691def",
    "data": {
      "issuerName": "Example Company",
      "legalName": "ABC Limited",
      "streetAddress": "Plot A, Street B, Area C",
      "addressLocality": "ABC",
      "addressRegion": "EFG",
      "postalCode": "000000",
      "addressCountry": "US",
      "parentOrganization": "Parent",
      "organizationType": "NGO",
      "identifier": "Some reasonable Identifier",